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A way to mass contact buyers


I’ve done a little searching around the fiverr gigs, and from what I can tell I’m one of the very few, maybe even the only one, who provides a long term service. When I deliver the gig, I’m really just starting their service up. So this may only be relevant to my kind of gig.

What I would LOVE to see, is a way to mass message the clients. We can’t get their emails to add them to a mailing list, so if I ever run into an issue with the service or need to contact them just to update them on something, I have to search every single client (closing in on a 100 clients at the moment) and copy past the message to each one. Now, I know I dug this hole myself- it would still be cool to see a function to make this a little easier, and maybe attract more gigs in like mine.

Till then, anyone have any suggestions for me besides quitting? lol



Hey now there is a great idea. Am I allowed to post a link to a fan page though??


Reply to @madmoo:

Well alrighty then, sounds like a good plan of action and could save me tons of time. Thank you so much @madmoo!


I feel like mass mail would be a great idea, because for example, recently I have made some renovations to my gig, and rather than when a loyal customer of mine intending to order it sees it by surprise- this way, they’d know it way ahead of time.


Try sending a ticket to CS about it and tell them to try to pass it to someone higher up. I made a post about this before but more for the nature of sending out rough estimated delivery times and to inform new buyers that you may be on vacation up to a certain point in time. I can’t imagine if I deal with any more clients above 25 or so at a given time that it would be very easy to keep up without something like this! I can only imagine those that get 10 to 20+ orders a day!