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A weird "client" i guess

Yesterday I had a bizarre experience. A “girl” contacted me, she wanted me to draw her in an anime style in a nsfw position, i said that it was ok, but i needed reference of the pose she wanted, of course not of herself, but some pictures to get an idea. Then, she started to send me pictures of herself, after that she also told me that she could send me a video of a herself. I told that that it wasnt needed, but i wanted her to make the order before starting to work, after that she stopped answering me, and today i found out that she erased her account because fiverr said that i cannot longer contact her, it was either that or she blocked me. I dont really know, but that was really weird.


You got very lucky that they asked first and sent the images later. These people usually open with sending their raunchy nudes, right after “hello”.

I’m willing to entertain the idea that some percentage of them are legitimate clients. Most of them are just creeps/exhibitionists of some sort. They want you to see the pictures and that’s it.

PS It’d be against ToS for you to draw NSFW art. It wouldn’t be “ok”.

PPS I just saw your gig and I’d suggest to remove it while you still can.

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