A witty gig image - Opinions please?


Hi Guys,

I have just created a new gig as I would like to try my hand at proofreading. I just wanted opinions from other sellers on my current gig image and how it would go down if you was a possible buyer. Basically my image has a funny touch of irony inside it, just wondered what other sellers thought of this idea.


Kind Regards,



I think it’s cute and frankly as a proofreader myself, you don’t want a customer without a sense of irony or humor (or smarts). Those tend to need the most ‘work’ if you know what I mean. :wink:


Reply to @madmoo: LOL, that would be kind of funny though.


I’d say a witty gig video would bring you better success! :wink:


i guess you should remove this image fast :slight_smile: they won’t get it, and will laugh about it.