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A word of advice for new sellers without orders


Hey :sunny:
I wanted to address something crucial today. I’m a relatively new seller on Fiverr too, I have been improving my gigs on proofreading&editing for the last couple of days.
I assume most of you already know that going through buyers requests is essential for boosting up your sales, but it can sometimes be a little more complicated than that.
You should also keep in mind that since your lack of reviews is a disadvantage to your sales, you should aim for the lowest price possible, no matter what.
Assume there’s a guy in need of a service that you provide, stating budget of $50. In your case, that unfortunately does not mean that you should offer him your service for $50 upfront. Try to make it as low as possible, like $20. Or even $5 would still work for you. Because it would almost certainly guarantee a sale there and then. A guy looking for a $40 service will be eager to go for a $5-$10 service.
Remember, if you don’t have any reviews at all, you don’t get to be the judge of the price :confused:


I agree with you. Wonderful tips…


Thank you for this post


yes strongly agree. but there is a question that this strategy will low the standard of sellers.


I agree with sinansmeth908. When I started, I offered for $5 what my competition was offering for $50.00. I also offered it in 24 hours when my competition was delivering in 4 days. This fueled my orders.

After 100 deliveries, I slowly raised my prices to what the competitors were doing.

zonnorainn, I was hesitant like you, but I had no problem changing the rates. Some clients stayed, but I also gained $50.00 clients. These new clients were interested in a $50.00 product and were not interested in a $5.00 product.

Now about 4 years later, I have delivered over 5000 orders.


Nice Piece.

Looks like it was targeted to my Profile.

Keep up the good work.


My motivation is on a high right now.

Thanks @landongrace

I’ll embrace and adhere to your advice.

God Bless You! :pray:


What if Fiverr isn’t showing you any buyer requests? They don’t even appear to be showing my gigs in the searches. I have exactly seven views in a week.


I could do that its kind of impressive keep it up


You forgot to mention about having ‘Patience’. :roll_eyes::neutral_face:


Nazia patience is to hope without hoping. Patience is like doubting yourself and skill when you see no order


Have you noticed that OP’s account is gone, and that some of you are responding to someone who is no longer here?


yeah yeah but its still good


thank for explaining


yes,you are right.i agree to you.thanks giving for the tips.