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A word of advice for new sellers without orders

This past week, I moved my $5.00 to $10. but I kept my $10,$15,and $20 in the same place. That way it only jeopardized only 15 of my 80 orders from regulars. I have since got orders from clients that were ordering $5.00 orders and I haven’t had a single client even ask about it. It was very interesting.


Lol , last time I did that clients came to my $5 gig and asked me to do Voice Overs in the the style of my other gigs to avoid the higher cost…


I have had that too. I just removed the $5.00 gig totally. They will constantly order the wrong thing even when you are extremely clear. Because they don’t read.


I understand doing that to get some reviews. Getting orders in has a lot to do with you gig being clear, in the right category, tags right, a good presentation on what it is you do, and doing a good job. Once you have a couple reviews charge a fair price. I would focus more on how your gig looks and is presented and getting those first few good reviews.


Would you please tell me what you did when you got the order of wrong thing?
In one month I faced this 6 times. They cancelled their orders even I offered them that I would back their payment . But no they wanted to cancel the order. As a result for too many cancellation I lost my previous account where I completed more then 100 projects with all 5 star reviews.
Buyer comes, search the low price and place the order without any discussion. If you tell his/her that currently you are not providing this service please read the gig carefully they will say, "Ok, I want my money back. So please cancel the order. ". They get their money back and we get the punishment.

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Usually my mis-orders were for a different style. If I could do what they wanted, I would do it. Usually it only amounted in a difference in time. I then took every opportunity to improve the communication of the descriptions and the dialog so I could help improve that communication.

My misorders were never more than 1 in 100 orders. I didn’t try this, but as a last resort, I would move the base price higher so people were less willing to start an order unless they really understood what was going on.

Here are some of my personal tips -

I strongly agree with you. wonderful tips…

:open_mouth: Liked your information.

I would focus on your customer service in the first instance.

Secondly, I would make sure I use my buyer requests every day rather than just offering the lowest price you can. You’ve got to make sure you make money too.

This may be solid advice, but why is then OP no longer selling?

Very Impressive :heart_eyes:

good advice for new seller in fiverr

wow, very encouraging. I am new here and this really helps

Guys, please read what it says when you click the name of the OP: This user is suspended until Nov 20, 3018 3:00 pm. Reason: No Active Associated Fiverr Account :astonished:
So draw your own conclusions how solid his advice may be! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Thanks Boss…

This is inspiring,thanks buddy

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Wow very means one have to sacrifice at the beginning.

Verry useful analysis for beginners to start and get orders.

changes prices This is a great tip!