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A Word To The Wise- for Fiverr Sellers

For all who have been blessed with the opportunity to become a successful Fiverr Seller or an upcoming hard working Seller. I urge you all to make the best of your FIverr experience. Use this platform effectively to provide your Clients with the best service possible and to always deliver beyond your Client’s expectations(Even if no Extra Gig is paid for or no Tip will be given).

Just make the best of every circumstance, it may just so happen that you stumble across a Client, where price is not an option and that Client will pay any amount to have the highest quality of service :wink:


A word to the wiser: more likely you will chance across an awful buyer who will test your patience and abuse you while trying to make you work harder for free work. Customer Support is your friend, so tell them and treat them respectfully while maintaining professional, cool behavior with the asshat buyer.

Formerly, the cancellation statistics is taken against the seller. This was a very big pain in the arse because if you happen to land a very difficult buyer, you have nothing to fall back to. You either bend till you break, or jump ship early, cancel the order, and take hit in your ratings. It’s since been changed and now sellers have ground when it comes to difficult buyer, absentee buyers, and incomprehensible buyers (among other sort of buyer species). So, work as hard and best as you can dear sellers, but if you really cannot take it anymore, just remember that the mutual cancellation button is now a friend. If that doesn’t work, go and say hello to our Fiverr Support.

So… you’re encouraging successful sellers here on Fiverr to be successful?

That seems a bit redundant, if you ask me.

You are right@Emma

This public service announcement has been brought to you courtesy of the law offices of grey suits and ties.

This is a great tip for life in general. No matter what you do, always do your best. Work hard, and always go above and beyond. Remember, what goes around comes around.