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Aaaand it's down again


Once again my deadline seemed to perfectly align with fiverr’s coffee break. Due to my own ineptitude, bad health, and fiverr’s redo last month, my submission rate is down to 84%. I was plodding along nicely this month, determined to bring it back up to 90s again, when this happened. I’m reduced to thumping my head on my desk as I watch the clock count down the last minutes. Gah. I’m only very slightly blaming fiverr, since I wouldn’t feel this crappy if my delivery rate wasn’t already so low. Deep breaths, onwards and upwards, I guess.


My delivery rate was under 50% for over a year, now it’s 86%…but that didn’t affect my sales. As long as you do a good job, and have a low cancellation rate, you will be fine.


That’s a huge relief. Thanks for sharing your experience. I still feel bad cause I owe on-time submission to my clients, at least but I’m no longer worried about losing business based on just that one thing. =)


Just don’t allow your orders to be cancelled for late delivery…I have only one such cancellation in 3000 orders.


Honestly, I personally wouldn’t worry about it. There is small buffer in place when the clock runs out before the system marks the order as late.

If the system Marks it as late, and it doesn’t look like you’re going to be able to deliver your order within the next 24 hours, drop a message to your buyer with a link to Fiverr’s Facebook links showing why you’re behind time: https://www.■■■■■■■■■■■■/Fiverr/posts/10154846246774286 99.99999% of buyers are cool with it.


Does the deadline clock also get paused when the server is down? It would be kinda great if it does :slight_smile: Check it out when the site is back online. If not, +1 to potential feature request.

I had a close shave moment myself. I was checking out the ‘requirements’ data which was submitted by a buyer, the data said ‘please finish the task as per our Fiverr conversation’ refreshed the page, and it was down. Thankfully the Fiverr conversations are forwarded to my mail, got it from there.


No it doesn’t sadly, although it’s something which has been widely discussed in the past


Thank you for bringing us up to speed on policy. I didn’t know about the buffer. Fortunately, Fiverr only stays down for a small amount of time so OP will be fine, it seems :slight_smile:


Beware though that the buffer could be anywhere from 1 minute to 2 hours, depending on when the server updates the order cycle. But you’re all golden here, CS will sort you out in the event of any mishaps


Ah, I was half an hour late. I got the “you’re late” email within ten minutes of missing the deadline, so perhaps that’s the buffer. Anyway, it couldn’t be helped. At least the order wasn’t cancelled.

Thanks everyone!


If you get any come backs on this reach out to CS.