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Abandoned Profiles?


So, I’m curious. What happens to abandoned profiles? Anybody know?


They are deleted…


Oh, that makes sense.



No they’re not. I come across them all the time. What are you basing that on?


I am not fully sure, but I would believe it is similar to a facebook profile.
You can always activate it back.


I am basing them on two of mine that I abandoned and when I asked Cs I was told they were deactivated first then deleted.


Oh, okay. I guess like all things they find some and miss others. :slight_smile:


Yes I always see people say they left their accounts for years came back and found them still active, I don’t know why they delete others. Could it be a location based thing?


Maybe they happen upon old accounts if they think the user has a current account? I dunno what their algorithm is with anything to be honest.


You are not allowed to have more than one account. Perhaps they picked up on that and deleted the two you mentioned.

I abandoned my account for about 4 years, when I came back it was still there, still working, everything fine.


Please don’t make assumptions. I don’t think there is any part that I mentioned that the account were running at the same time. The accounts were deleted individually as in I create one leave it for some time then when I come back it no longer active, I open another got deleted then when I messaged fiverr they notified me that when an account is dormant it gets deactivated.


no its not, well my account as a buyer is abandon since 2014 until last 2016 when I finish my After effects Animation course.
Then that time I start open a gig, with this account, and I am actively since 2017 february after i finish my research of how it work on selling and earning in fiverr for a bit easier with seo.

I don’t know if the position is as a seller.


its maybe they detect you because making too much account in same IP and PC.


and i repeat …


haha okay :smiley: