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Has anyone else had a free lancer straight up abandon a project? I was unhappy with the work done and requested a re-write with specific direction and examples provided. The person never did the re-write.

Did he offer a revision in the gig description?

Perhaps in future you should provide the specific direction and examples when you order the gig, not after they have delivered.
This sounds similar to a situation that often happens when little info is provided up front and then the buyer rejects the work and asks for something completely different. Who do you believe is at fault for that? Should a seller do twice as much work because a buyer did not provide enough instructions in the first place?
(That’s my opinion as a seller)
As a buyer, if I get something written and it is not what I want but it shows me what I do want then it is a purchase worth making. I would then ask the seller to send a custom extra for some additional work and provide the new instructions.

A revision is not a rewrite. A revision is supposed to be for a couple of small inaccuracies or spelling/grammar issues.

All the above being said, if the seller simply didnt respond then it is bad service on their part. However, if the work was done then I would accept the delivery and leave an honest review. Honest meaning - based on whether the work they did was in keeping with the initial offer and the info that was initially provided as well as something about the fact they didnt respond afterwards.