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Ability for sellers to reject orders initiated directly via the gig page


I have to cancel lots of orders because people are too incompetent to read the description and order the lowest package possible for as much work as you can imagine, and it hurts my account. There is no way to punish them either which opens the door for more and more of these people to continue doing so.

A way to accept/reject an order that is initiated from the gig page in the first 24 hours (automatically accept/reject after) would be great but who am I kidding, I doubt that is ever gonna happen.


If you have an active gig, buyers can order whenever they want according to their will. It is not good business strategy to rejects someone’s order.
The most possible solution for getting wrong orders is to you can mention to be contacted before placing an order, I strongly suggest you add this to your Gig’s description to avoid situations like this in the future.