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Ability to DELETE work that has been uploaded

I’d like to think that a seller should be able to delete any work uploaded in case of a buyer who doesn’t approve of some work or sends the gig for cancellation for whatever reason. There have been many sellers who’ve uploaded countless updates that often get used by buyers including the final product. This holds true for lots of images/logos created on Fiverr. I believe that the file which has been finalized should be the only file remaining on the gig. Simply put, sellers should have the ability to delete property which has not been purchased.

For the buyers, and as a buyer, I would like to see the ability to delete my uploaded files from the project once it has been completed or cancelled.

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I think this is not done because of legal reasons. If the work is deleted and I start a dispute because work hasn’t been delivered, the proof is gone too. I can also claim I sent you a delivery, when it hasn’t been sent - and there is no proof.

Paypal disputes can be filed months after the delivery - and if there’s any legal issues with the content of a Gig, Fiverr needs to be able to produce it.

I wouldnt worry about this in any way, because a buyer cannot use what he didn’t pay for. You can tell him to buy a new Gig if he uses non-accepted pictures, or file a dispute/cease and desist/copyright claim against his website, company or google.

For buyers, the ToS of Fiverr stipulates that doing a Gig for someone means you are not allowed to disclose their info or materials they supplied to third parties or risk penalties.

In both cases, it means trouble if it arises, but I doubt that happens as often as issue #1 - people getting a delivery, then cancelling the GIg and using the delivered work anyway.

True. But it would be easier for the seller to remove the work which was not approved saving them from having to file a C&D. I’ve read countless threads where sellers are at a loss when they see a buyer using material they claimed wasn’t right and ordered to do again or make changes. I believe it would be more fair to delete the work that was not accepted. Simple.

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I can not upload any more files because I have reached the limit.

How do I delete previous files that I don’t need, in order to upload remaining files, to meet the submission requirement for my gig order?

What if someone has sent wrong files and want to delete those?

If you accidentally send the wrong files as Fiverr attachments there’s nothing you can do, except maybe ask CS if they could delete them, since there’s currently no delete option (though you could ask CS to add the option). If you don’t ask CS about deleting the specific files you could apologise and re-deliver with the correct files attached. If you sent them through dropbox you could delete the wrong files if they were sent by mistake. Though normally Fiverr prefers sending them as Fiverr attachments, which can also be used in the live gallery (whereas just a dropbox link couldn’t).

So I’d re-deliver the correct files as soon as possible and also maybe send a message on the order page saying you’ll do that before you re-deliver. Then maybe contact CS if you want the incorrect ones removed (though I’m not sure if they would).