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Ability to Edit Fiverr GIG Portfolio


I really want this feature to be added into Fiverr because some of my gig portfolio showing what I don’t want to show… as an example a buyer can order a web banner in my logo gig so the web banner showed up in the Logo Gig portfolio…

This is a real example this order has to be in my flyer making gig but she has ordered it in my UI making gig if we can edit the portfolio we could remove them and add the best creations we have done…

Suggestions and Ideas are welcome…

Malshan Fonseka

Reply to @kjblynx: there is no way to edit it afterwards

I am talking about editing capability for sellers…if we can edit our portfolio we can show our best creations in our gig page with buyers feedback that will help us to make more orders

Reply to @tsweezey:

Excellent idea tsweezey :D!

  1. You can even upload a sample of the image you want to use and then attach a zip file for the images you don’t want displayed

    Buy I agree with paulogaspar, this feature is a must! C’mon Fiverr!!! :smiley:

    -Level 2 Seller


This is definitely a must in Fiverr!

How can I (seller) edit the portfolio images?

For instance, in my case I’m recovering old pictures, so the portfolio should include the original picture and the final result. Showing only the final result is disapointing and doesn’t really show my skills.

I agree, there should be an option to edit portfolio for sellers.

You can always use the fiverr system to deliver the work you want to show in your portfolio, and then use a service like dropbox for the work that you don’t want displayed.

I do this sometimes when a buyer gives me a project that might well meet their needs, but lacks enough context for a portfolio example (green screen only gig with limited scripting). I’ll just deliver it via dropbox :slight_smile:

Reply to @tsweezey: This is similar to what I do. The portfolio was buggy back when I was getting sales so I had it off for a long time. Now that I have it back on, I send the buyer all of the files for the delivery in a message, then use the delivery feature only for the file I actually want displayed. No fuss.