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Ability to select pros by Country/State?

It would be nice to have the ability to select Pros by country and or state. Having pros near my timezone is crucial.


Hello, why is that? …

As far as I know there is not although you can ask several of them in your country what time zone they are in.

You might be able to tell if you message them by looking at the time stamps on your and their messages to see if they match.

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Is it crucial? I have buyers from all over the world, if I deliver 24 hours before it’s due, they have more than enough time to reply. Sometimes I deliver 48 hours before it’s due.

So I disagree, it’s not crucial. Sellers here are not making enough money to Skype or have long conversations, we want clear instructions, then we deliver the work, then you accept it or demand a modification.

Besides, even if we’re in the same timezone, we might not work the same hours. I work when I want to, I don’t keep office hours.

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I’ve had real time chats with sellers on the other side of the world.

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It depends on the service OP is looking for. I used to work as a consultant for a few years and pretty much all my clients were from the same timezone. It was much easier to support them over a screen sharing session as opposed to making video tutorials.

If you need a logo or an article then it’s not crucial, but there are services that can be done more efficiently if both sides are in the same timezone.

I think a better option would be showing office hours. That way even if you’re in a different country, but working in a night shift, you’ll be able to do the job. (There are a lot of sellers who do this as a side hustle, so their working hours might not match the usual 9to5)

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One thing about freelancing is the ability to work remotely. That means it doesn’t matter where the freelancer is as long as they can deliver high quality work within the expected timeframe. I don’t think hiring a freelancer that is close to you is that crucial. But hey, that’s just my opinion!

Hi all! Thank you for the positive and constructive feedback. This is helpful to see.

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