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Ability to still leave review for poor service

Hi guys, I recently ordered an SEO explainer video and contacted the seller (***********) with my requirements. The seller tried to squeeze an additional $5 for an option that was already included in the gig description. Furthermore, seller pretended that they had attached the file for delivery, when they clearly hadn’t. To top it all off, I was repeatedly ignored when trying to contact the seller (even though they were online at the time). Eventually I was able to cancel my order. I think it would be a good idea if the buyer was able to still leave a review for the seller in this situation as a warning to others. The seller still has a Level 2 5 ***** rating which is ridiculous considering the rotten [lack of] service I received. No doubt that they are a reseller who couldn’t do the work.
Anyone have similar thoughts about the ability to still leave a public comment, even though order was cancelled?

This question gets asked constantly. You have not actually spent any money, so therefore you do not get to leave a review since only a paying customer gets this privilege. By getting a refund it is as if you never purchased anything.

Fiverr would be one giant battleground of buyers getting refunds and then leaving negative reviews for 2. retaliation 3. trying to ruin the sales of competition and any other negative reason you can think of that might have nothing to do with anything the seller did if people could buy a gig, get a refund, and leave a negative review. When you get your refund move on and try again. Once you get a refund that is the end of it. You are in the same position as before you ordered. No harm has come to you. You have your money back. I know you would like to let others know of your bad experience so they are not mislead as you were but you lose that right when you get a refund.

From “Ranting Pot” calling out seller.

Agreed, Because otherwise anyone can spoil your profile.

Wouldn’t work. If anything, this would just leave the rating system massively open to abuse by people doing review swaps for free etc.

Also, I’m sure/know that I am not the only one on here who occasionally has to cancel work due to buyers never being able to tell me what they want (because they are simply incompetent middlemen) and people ordering without actually reading basic gig descriptions.