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Ability to store current gigs (in progress) on Fiverr?

Is there a way we can store a current project on Fiverr? My “day job” takes me to multiple sites, working on different devices, and I’d like a way to be able to store my current work, to work on when there is down time. Is there scope in Fiverr to do this? Or must I use Dropbox / Google drive / portable media? Thanks for any advice :slight_smile:


Not sure what you mean I’m afraid.

The project/order can only be in one of two states - active or delivered. Active once the buyer has paid for it and submitted their details, and delivered when it’s finished. There isn’t really an ‘I’m working on it’ stage.

Just store your working files locally or as you suggested on Dropbox etc.

I use both Drive and Dropbox for this exact same reason. And they are fantastic because I can access the files on whatever computer I happen to use at a particular time.

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Thanks everyone for the responses. I assumed as much, but being relatively new to Fiverr I wondered if there might be aspects of it that I was missing.

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