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Ability to underline in gig description

I think that underlining helps to emphasise particularly important points better than highlighting and bolding do.

… OR, may be it makes the text look cluttered.

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Well you aren’t forced to use it. Some people like it, some don’t. I just want the option to use it when I feel that it’s appropriate.

It’s not that it wouldn’t be a nice feature to have. I suspect that not enough people want this badly enough as an option that they’d actually end up implementing it.

You could do a poll in the forum to see how people respond?

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My method is to purposefully misspell the word prior to my emphasized text, use all caps, embed a picture of Mr. T and sign it, “what up with that, killa?”

I don’t know that they pay more attention, but I feel better.


I do the same, but I use Jeff Goldblum - it appeals to my customer base more (market research FTW):


They used to have this feature but it disappeared during an update some years back.