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Abnormal Situation for me

Hello there,

I just did my first order. It was a Data Entry related job. I did it accurately as per buyer instructions. Buyer left a review like " Great! Very happy with the data entry. ’ and also left TIP. But the problem is he/she left 4.4 stars on my delivery. This was my first order. Now I am unable to send any buyer request due to lack of 90% positive ratings. This is horrible. Someone is very happy with my delivery and left a handsome tip. But facing an abnormal situation for his/her 4.4 stars. OMG !!

I’m sorry this has happened to you, however, buyers are allowed to leave whatever rating they wish. Technically, a 4.4-star review is not a bad review.

Unless you earn more orders, and receive enough 5-star ratings to raise your overall rating, you will be unable to access Buyer Requests for the next 60 days. Perhaps now might be a good time to learn how to market and promote your services to the target customers that need them, instead of relying on the Buyer Requests section to be your only source of customers.

All businesses market and promote themselves in order to gain customers. As a freelancer here on Fiverr, you too are a business person. Therefore, you are going to either have to wait 60 days, or start marketing and promoting your services to gain more customers.


Don’t worry keep it up

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Back in the day, sellers had separate Gigs for receiving tips. There was no option to leave a tip automatically after an order was completed.

I remember seeing one of these tip Gigs with a 3* rating. A buyer had bought a seller’s tip Gig three times, but each time had reviewed it as being “satisfactory”.

Long story short, people can be hard to predict.


Thank you so much for your valuable tips. Fortunately, I got an order just 15 minutes before. Finger crossed !!

Thank you for your blessings. Fortunately got an order just 15 minutes before. Finger crossed.

Thank you for your valuable tips. Fortunately got an order just 15 minutes before. Finger crossed.

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