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Abou Me Stephanie


I am steph from Nigeria. I have a degree in Mechanical Engineering…I have been on Fiverr for some time now. Everything has been good. I hope to meet great people here (buyers and sellers).

I love writing and designing. Right now I am solely based with writing. No troubles so far. Thanks everyone


Welcome! I’m new here but I do hope to learn lots and love it at the same time, like you are! :heart_eyes_cat:


welcome stephanie200


We’re reviving skeletons right.


Hi Stephanie and welcome to the Fiverr community!

I just wanted to point out that personal profile photos are strongly encouraged as your image is simply a stock image from Getty Images. People like to see who they are actually working with and using a stock image can be seen as deceptive.

I thought I’d bring this your attention now since you’re new, as Fiverr Editors do check profile pictures when they consider promoting a Gig and selecting Top Rated Sellers. :slight_smile:


Thank you very much. I wish I have a say over this. My parents are not comfortable with my picture being on the internet as this is just a side hustle for me.


If that’s the case, how old are you?


Lol. Seriously, I cant answer that here, but I am above 20. So let it slide.