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About 3 month over still no order.Feeling so bad.Anyone can help me to get my order


Hi there
Join on fiverr about 3 month ago.But still have no orders.Now I am feeling so bad.I just depressed.I follow all the tips to get an order but didn’t.Can anyone help me to get an order on my service.Or suggested me where is wrong on my service.

Here is my profile :


You don’t have to be depressed. Stay patient, you’ll get some orders sooner or later. Try to send offers to buyer requests daily. Here is another topic with some good advice: 5 important tips for new sellers

Once you get some order, make sure that you communicate well with the buyer. Keep them informed about the progress. Make sure that you deliver quality work and get a good rating. That will be your starting point for more sales :slight_smile:

Happy Selling :slight_smile:


I trying my best.I also send buyer request daily.But nothing positive yet.But still I trying maybe something good well happened soon.


Sorry for the experience bro… but don’t give up… Your services are highly sort after services and they are all over the place on buyers request. just give the buyers more than others will and you’ll land your first order in a few days!
Good luck!


I see your recent delivery was 6 hours ago. You are on your way. Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:


You delivered an order 6 hours ago.

Are you marketing and promoting your gigs? If not, then you’re aren’t “follow all the tips to get an order”.


I’m sure you can cheer up now.

You created this topic I need info for fund pending clearance

Good luck in your future orders!



yes.Finally i got it


Yes.Finally i have done.


Yes sir finally i complete it successfullly


You are working with social media marketing and not getting any orders. It is a quiet weird situation. Why you are not promoting your gigs on the social medias. Now a days social medias are the key factor to get good orders. So please do it. I hope soon you will get bunches of orders. Thanks!