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Hello everyone

This is Cutiee. I have recently started my Fiverr journey. It has been just three week. As a new seller, it is my request to all of you to help me and assist me with what should I follow to get sales. I am really happy to be a part of Fiverr. So give me Tips for those who have long


Firstly welcome to fiver forum.
If you are new in this market place then you should publish 7 gig for more sales. You have to focus on your gig description and keyword its help you to sales more.
Create a eye catching image for gig . Because its attract to client see your gig.
And Try to online perfect time
Best wishes for you


Fiverr is not easy money!

Check out: New Sellers … The True Way to Success!

There’s no need to be always online. Fiverr has buyers from all around the world who contact you even while you’re sleeping. What is important is to answer the first message a buyer sends you as quick as possible (aka the response time)

7 poorly made gigs make the same thing as 2 well made. Maybe you can attract more customers, but if they don’t want to buy any of the gigs, does it makes a difference?

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welcome to the forum

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