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About account login from different location at the same time

Hello. Can I use my account from two different locations at the same time? Like if it is log in from my device which I do not have right now and I keep another device to keep my self login. Kindly help!

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I have no idea about this but you can ask from the CS…
But i always online from my Phone and during the working time on PC,

You can log-in on how many devices you want, sure. However, if both are in use at the same time in different locations… how’s that possible? You can’t be in two places at the same time. That will mean more than one person is using the account.

Is there any way to contact CS directly? I’m new here.

Is it against fiverr’s policy if one account is being operated by two persons? but one one account to be there in use?

I wouldn’t advise it. There are teams using one account, but the point of contact should be one person. Not sure if it’s strictly forbidden (as having two accounts for one person is), but it will be suspicious for sure.

Is there any way I can get assured of it?

Contact costumer support. But even then, anything they say is… whatever they say. They are not consistent or transparent. They may say A now and B later.

Btw, you should have posted that initially, it seems pretty obvious that’s your intention, having multiple people use one account.

Here is the link:

So kind of you. Thank you so much.