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About accounts

Hello… may I have 2 accounts at same time, and if I cant then can I withdraw money from one and somehow deactivate it, and then make another.
I want to do this because my rating is bellow 90% and I cant offer buyer request, and that’s my only source of income.

You can only have one account.
Yes you can withdraw your money and deactivate an account.
Ask customer support if you will be allowed to make a new account.

You should offer a refund in return for removing that bad feedback before you do anything else. If the buyer agrees then contact customer support to do it for you.

Thank you madam. I made new gig before 2 hours. I ll wait 15 days, if no one send offer then I ll do one of these 2 steps u said.

Keeping two accounts violates Fiverr Terms. Contact CS about for more…