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About adbloacker on Fiverr

Is it create any effect on fiverr profile if I use Adblocker?
I’m really concerned about my internet privacy. But I also know, For business I have to open everything.

But I’m watching that, Fiverr have a big list of tracking systems.
My Questions is, is it gonna take any effect on my personal profile if I always use those adblockers? Or should I removed it for this page?

What is your suggestion?

This is an interesting question.
Fiverr itself doesn’t have any ads on the platform or the forum, as they are technically advertising gigs and wouldn’t want to direct traffic away.
As for whether it’s safe to turn off ad-block, I cannot say. Maybe someone with more knowledge can contribute.


I’ve been using adblocker since 2015 while working on Fiverr and never noticed any problem.