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About All the Sellers in the "Send Quotes" Section

I’ve been a member for about ten days, so I’m still a newbie. But after spending some quality time on the Send Quotes/Buyer Request page and trawling the forums, I have obviously noticed that Send Quotes is constantly spammed by sellers. Why do they do that? I get that they’re trying to advertise, but does it work? Does anyone hire sellers based off of seeing their spam?

I’m just curious. Everyone here seems to agree that they’re a nuisance and that Fiverr should find a way to stop the spamming, but I haven’t seen any rationale for this phenomenon.

TL;DR: Does spamming the Send Quotes page actually benefit the sellers who do it?

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IMO- many sellers are desperate to sell their gigs. They lack the knowledge, or the diligence, to market themselves properly. They see the Buyer’s Request section as an easy way to get the word out. It reeks of desperation.

I can’t imagine it working. They are attempting to sell to other sellers. I simply ignore those posts and move on. Little we can do about it.