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About an order and a client

Hi, I finished the order to my client and he’s not online more than 2 days…Now, the problem is that he barely was available in the past few days when i was working on his project so i know he didn’t run or something like that…
my question is, I’ve more 3 days left to delivery, if he won’t be available since then? what should I do?

Deliver it if you’re sure it’s finished. :slightly_smiling_face:


what is the fiverr’s terms for this situation? will I get the money?

Here you go:

I mean, I will get the money even if the customer didn’t approve it ? because he’s not available.

It doesn’t matter if your buyer’s available or not.

Your order will complete 3 days after you deliver, and then your funds will be available to withdraw 14 days after that, assuming your buyer doesn’t request any revisions.

Please have a read of the seller help centre to find out more. :slightly_smiling_face:


thank you very much!

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When you complete the project only you have to do is go ahead and deliver it and wait for the buyer. if he don’t come online for 3 days after delivery, order will be automatically marked as completed like this.


Simple Enough. :green_heart: