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About automatically changing gig duration



I created a gig 9 days ago and I completed many orders.My duration was 1 day and it was a express gig.But today my gig duration has changed to 2 days automatically.I did not do anything…what is the problem guys??/…and also I lost the express batch…I am so sad… please help me…


may be u delivrd late:P or any buyer rejects delivrd work


thank you for quick reply madam,

no…I have no information about that,…but How it is possible to increase gig duration from 1 day to 2 days


Gig profile show Est Delivery Depend On Your Previous Works Delivered! You Can Edit Gig To Increase Duration!


I did not increase its duration madam…It has increased automatically


I would drop Customer Support a message they would be able to answer why the turn around time increased. Good luck with your gig(s) in 2013



I sent a message to customer support few hours aago…How much time they take to answer??