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About being a Pro seller

Hi Everyone,

I have applied for Pro seller. But I haven’t get any message for that. Does someone know how many days it will take or what special things we need to have to be a pro seller.
I really appreciate if anyone can give a satisfied answer.


Really? You only want “satisfied answers”? Other answers won’t be accepted?

To answer your question sarcastically (since dozens of people have already asked this question on the forums, and you could have found the answer yourself by reading the forum before posting this), it will take exactly three years and twenty-one days until you know whether you have been accepted into the Fiverr Pro program.

I recommend reading 312 books while you wait.

To answer your question seriously, please be patient. Fiverr likely has hundreds of applications to look through, and your application is just one among many. If Fiverr approves you into the program, they will let you know. When that will be is unknown. There is not set time for approval. You will just have to wait until Fiverr lets you know – no matter how long that takes.


Thanks a lot for your advise. I do accept any answer. I will be patient. Really appreciate your advise. :slight_smile:

Good luck. …

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