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About block the seller

Why would you want to block a buyer; if you have issue with them why not resolve it. This is business, a disagreement today can become cordial relationship tomorrow if you manage your differences well. my 2 cent!

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We sometimes get buyers who are not ones we want to work with due to them being unreasonable for various reasons. I’ve told a couple of them to stop buying from me but they continue anyway.


Sometimes a buyer and seller just cannot work together - oil and water. They just don’t mix.


Extremely idealistic.

We work online, and as long as there are manipulative scammers who know how to take advantage of a system EASILY taken advantage of, it’s not that easy.

If there were no such thing as paypal charge backs, and we were able to address scammers who steal our work ourselves - like we can OFFLINE, it would be a different story.

I think most successful sellers are savvy enough to discern who’s who -

I always know when someone is going to be a potential issue.


100%! That’s always the motivation - wanting far more than they are willing to pay for.


You can be scammed offline. I know someone who’s a resume writer, in the past she used to charge upon completion of the work, but she had a client who didn’t like her work so he refused to pay. Now she charges before she works. I don’t know if her clients are using PayPal or checks, cash, credit cards, but they no longer get their money back.

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That sucks! Oh I know, for sure! I’m saying the difference is that in the event we are scammed offline, WE can take the appropriate actions to try and recover money for work we have completed… on here, we don’t have that power.


You are right and you are given a very good example water and oil

I like your policy for blocking. “Just a refund” – the nerve. Makes you wonder how some people sleep at night.

I’ve never blocked a buyer and haven’t felt the need to, fortunately. Because much of my work on Fiverr is strategic, it doesn’t really attract people who are that sketchy. I usually only get work from legitimate businesses who would have a lot to lose if they went around scamming and blackmailing people.

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That’s awesome! Not so much with my adverting gigs - particularly music ones. They simply don’t read or choose to ignore - the gig description, order services I don’t provide, then flippantly ask for a refund.

I am going on a two week vacation in 3 days, and had to shut down my gig early, because I had two such orders, and can’t afford to go down much more on my completions %. - which are ALL a result of buyers NOT READING/IGNORING my gig description. Super annoying because I am ultimately losing money as a result of something that is not my fault - but can affect me terribly.

So my options are - lose some money this month with my extended vacay OR drop down a level - as a result of careless irresponsible buyers…and lose a whole lot more money…

I remain super confused as to why sellers are still being punished for this particular issue, that fiverr knows and acknowledges can’t be helped and is not the sellers fault.

It’s been months now.


The other problem is that buyers really don’t know how badly cancellations affect sellers and thinks cancelling should be no issue at all, particularity if they ordered by mistake or over looked something in the gig description…


I know, it’s so frustrating.

And how true that advertising attracts those types. Everyone, regardless of their professionalism or skills, has some understanding that you need to be seen to get sales, but you generally need some business literacy to understand organic marketing, community engagement and branding.

Another thing I’ve noticed that is more likely to attract scammers is a tangible, concrete delivery. When you order an image, your delivery is an image. Even the shadiest, least educated sellers understand this. But something abstract like a communication plan is difficult to understand unless you’re educated in business, so you’re probably not going to use terms that would bring it up in search results.

The one thing I have noticed from the odd sketchy buyer I have received for a strategy-related order is that they tend to measure the value of the delivery by how many pages it is.


For me the sketchiest buyers are the cheapest ones usually, ones who don’t even order one extra. It’s so rare they stand out.


100 % !! I jumped all my gig prices, and it’s still the ones who purchase my cheapest packages that expect the most… :eyes:

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They expect the most, fastest, expect all the extras although they paid for none, ask the most questions, make themselves a pest, don’t leave a review, etc.

I’m wondering how much I can raise prices again to not have to deal with this.


It would be interesting to know what price is a deterrent for those buyers and why. I’m sort of guessing with mine. I know it’s at a $30 price or higher, maybe lower. It wouldn’t surprise me if it’s lower. People are pretty… frugal. Haha.

I actually raised my prices of two tiers for one of my gig specifically to in part to deflect sketchy buyers, who all had the characteristics you mentioned. It worked! I don’t get those buyers anymore. I have lost some sales, but only the amount that were sketchy, really. I have a higher percentage of business savvy, ethical buyers there now.


After they pay the lowest price some actually tell me they want it done fast, the best I can do it. Don’t they see the extras or understand what those are for? Or do they think by pressuring me or making demands they will get more out of me?

I will continue to raise my prices for this reason alone.


I still get them ordering the cheapest of the packages I offer… ! My lowest gig prices in $10 - that’s soon changing!

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Well you’re their servant, you know? And you should just feel honored to get a sale with them. I hope you at least curtseyed and said, “Would that be all, m’lord?” (sarcasm)

I had that kind of buyer a couple of weeks ago, only fortunately they were pitching their demands and seeing if I would be interested. She said she was interested in the $25 package and I needed to include this and this and this (all extra work, of course) and I gently but bluntly reminded her that the way it works is you purchase a package and then you get what is included in that package. She said she understood and thanked me for my time.

I think a lot of people honestly don’t have any idea how arrogant and entitled and condescending they are unless they see the facts in front of them – and even then it’s a hit or miss.

Have you ever sought a resolution to increase the price?

A few sellers have done that with me. I politely exclaim that what they are seeking is included in x package and ask if they would like to upgrade. Then suddenly they realize that I’m right and they agree. Honestly, I think a lot of sellers just like to test you to see what they can get away with.

A few times! Sometimes they’re not requesting more than what they paid for - as much as they have unreasonable expectations of my time, and the results they may or may not get… Constantly asking “Have you started yet… how many visitors / views will I get etc…!?” and that type of thing… (Even though there’s a 4 day window and they’re just 12 hours in) lol…:joy::expressionless: