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About blocking a buyer

hello everyone, I wanted to ask you something about blocking a buyer. I happened to do a job for a buyer, the job was done and I got paid. subsequently the same buyer contacted me to do another job, but he wanted to pay me a rather low amount. I replied that for that amount I could do the job but without revisions. he replied no, I apologized and explained that I do comics-style illustrations, and that perhaps I was not suitable, and I received an “F O T” as an answer. I’ve been told it’s a bad word, I don’t know it. I would like to avoid this person continuing to write to me and above all to send me offers, my question is that this person is marked as “top buyer” and I have a new profile, I don’t want to have repercussions. can you advise me what to do? thank you all sorry for the long message.


I don’t know what ‘F O T’ stands for either, but if you can confirm it’s a bad word, then I’d report the message to Customer Support, but if you’re not sure then just better leave as is.

In my opinion ‘Top Buyer’ means very little, so I wouldn’t worry about blocking this buyer just because of that.

If they make you uncomfortable that’s more than enough reason for blocking them, which should prevent them to messaging you and placing new orders.

Good luck!


Just block them, you can block buyers, enough for you

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I don’t know what that word is. Maybe he won’t contact you again hopefully so wait and see if he does and then tell him that while you would like to be able to help him you are not able to.