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About Bumping

This has been posted in other words, but I still see quite a bit of this so I thought I’d add a new tip for the My Fiverr Gigs forum. When you bump your threads, be sure that you bump your own. If you are trying to help someone else out by bumping their post, don’t just write bump - give them some advice or comment on their gig. If you are bumping another person’s gig trying to get yourself noticed, this is not a good plan. If you have replied to their ad with an ad of your own, it’s called hijacking a thread or threadjacking and is not nice.

When you bump your own posts, don’t do it too often. Perhaps 2-3 times per week at most. Don’t bump your own by writing UP or BUMP. Use a comment about a sale you have going on, a new sample of your work, or something else useful to readers. If you have already bumped a thread quite a few times, let it go and post a new one instead of continue to bump. Definitely do NOT bump a thread more than once in the same day, and especially not every few minutes. Your thread could be removed for that.

Please don’t bump several of your threads at once to “take over” the My Fiverr Gigs space. One at a time is plenty. Good luck!

I hope the “bumpers” read this!
I do understand that they want their posts to be seen, but it would be unfair for the
other sellers who deserve the same amount of exposure.

This is just a personal opinion, but bumping isn’t really that effective. It might give you
attention/exposure, but in a way it makes you look very desperate and even unprofessional,
especially when you type in just “bump” or “up.”