About Buyer and seller Behavior


My sell was start 1st October 2016 then during 1 months I sell my gig lots of time. But Now my sell is down. I am not getting enough buyer. Sometimes I offered my buyer but they are not response. Sometimes tell me I am busy. Please give us some tips about buyer behavior.


Did you work on your gig tags.
Tags really matter on fiverr…

i give you an example search similar gig to you which have maximum number of orders…
then open that all gigs then see the repeats tag, copy that tag and paste it into your tag

another way is that

do reply on quora website question , it is free fund advertisement .

Also create a youtube advertisement for your gig
see my gig, i allready created


Thanks. Sometimes buyer contact with me but When I offered he/she is not response. Please check my gig. I don’t know why its happened.

Please tell me about buyer behavior.


Its not buyer’s behavior. you cannot force someone to buy from you. Try sending buyer requests and have patience.


I am not forcing anybody.One another things buyer contact with me and agree with me for buying but when offered him, he/she gone.


What ll happen by doing so?



scroll down you see my answer is given
also i advertised my gig in that answer

this is free trick to permote our gig on soical sites.

we all are freelancer here, we have do developed the way of advertising by ownself


Have you anybody Who tell me about buyer behavior:

  1. What I say my buyer when contact with me a new buyer?
  2. When I give him custom offer and extra offer?
  3. What is the reason of denying your offer?


Please remember that when a buyer contacts you, chances are that buyer has contacted few other related sellers too and is in communication with all of them. So depending upon the variables like first reply, most low budget for same job, time-zone etc, buyer chooses the service. So sometimes despite you being have replied to all questions that buyer had asked, they may seem idle after a while. Chances are that they’ve already bought the service from other seller.

Keep communicating…


When I give him offer extra.