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About buyer cancelling for "not really liking it"

Hello there. I hope you could provide me with facts about my rights as a seller here and some insight on what I should do. I have already contacted CS and they gave me a pretty vague answer and im soon short of time on whether I should decline the buyers cancellation request or not.

  1. Im a seller on music production / beatmaking category and I have a gig in which I sell a package of 100 original hiphop beats. It is a beat package and its contents are the same for everybody and I have a trailer video and audio examples about the quality of work in the gig page. It is clearly stated that the product is a pre made package and this gig excluding the gig extras does not provide any custom work or revisions.

  2. Seller buys the cheapest alternative of the gig which doesn’t include commercial license. I deliver the work on time and let a friendly reminder that this version doesn’t include commercial license and if they want to use the beats commercially in the future they can send me a message and I do a custom extra offer for upgrading their order to the commercial license plan.

  3. Buyer demands new revision stating " send me the custom offer for commercial license".
    I sent the custom offer and he accepts it and I deliver the commercial license.

  4. 12hrs later buyer requests cancellation because " he doesn’t really like the beats". We start a discussion which starts to go downhill. He says that he didn’t even listen to the beats when I first delivered the work and just blindly ordered the extra, which contained a written commercial license to use the beats. I try to manage my temper and he goes into say things like “cancelling doesn’t affect your ratings, I have cancelled many times and seller said its okay”, “I don’t use the beats for real, why would I use them as I don’t like them”, “I will go on and find a seller who can cancel an order if I don’t like it without talking for 100 hours” and stuff like this.

So I would like to know what are my options here?

im worried about the fact that I have no control over the beats and the license I already sent him, and he wants to refund. The money we are talking about is really small, just thinking this from the standpoint of principles and immaterial rights and possible future problems.

I came across a similar kind of situation here on forum where it was the buyer who was not satisfied with seller delivering work with purple color when it was supposed to be blue or something. Link here: Your seller declined the request to mutually cancel this order HELP
TLDR; CS stepped in and said they cannot cancel the order on behalf of buyer as the seller had delivered according to description on the gig page.

I even went on and send my buyer a message where I Kindly said that if they could withdraw their cancellation and we could do a mutual cancellation instead, with no answering.

I would really love to hear some insight from more experienced fiverr’eers on how to deal with this,

Many thanks,



Unrelated but isn’t the bassline on track 81. “Tactics” from your gig video the same bassline as Magnolia - Playboi Carti but just two semitones down?

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sharp ears :slight_smile:
need to check that one out, I think I have used some carti track as reference to that track.

btw do you have any input on how I should proceed with my situation?

PS. its definitely close, but not the same. Carti’s line resolves back to the tonic at the end of each bar vs mine goes to basically F/C or second inversion of the sixth chord of A minor scale :slight_smile:

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I went through a similar situation a few months ago.

A client ordered $200 worth of content writing from me.

I pushed all my other web content business (non-Fiverr and Fiverr work) aside to get this order done as there was a promise of additional work.

I’m no dummy.

I’ve been down this road before, so the promise of new work wasn’t really a dealbreaker for me.

I just wanted to get the job done and maybe see some regular business from this Buyer.

Shortly after delivery the Buyer came at me with lines like, “I don’t like it” or “It’s not what I had hoped for” although he/she had made it clear that they didn’t really know what they wanted and trusted me to come up with the product.

The Buyer pressed for a cancellation.

I agreed simply because I don’t need these types of Buyers in my life.

That was months ago and I’m over it.

Don’t let a Buyer bully you.

If it means a cancellation and a loss of income, it’s a lot better than having a difficult Buyer hounding you forever for small things and making threats to cancel.

Cut that cancer out of your life and move on.


Sorry to hear that, the must have been really ****ty situation for you as you really focused on that gig and even halted other projects for that.

Wise words, thank you for your advice

Can’t say that I do, I’ve been mostly lucky and haven’t had many bad experiences but the only advice I can offer is for after the fact, and it’s to just raise your prices to avoid these kind of buyers although I’m not sure how that would work out for your specific gig. Good luck though!

Cool, I think the reference is definitely noticeable.

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Thats a good advice - I have been debating myself whether or not raise the prices for sometime now as I just reached lvl 1. This was maybe just the last push I needed :slight_smile:

hey, I’m new to Fiverr, Is there a way charge non-refundable payment for these kind things, Because I had this kind of Buyer and it cost me a lot

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To me, you need to do whatever you feel is best for you, and for your stats. I resent cancelling, if I have done the work as outlined, and I feel like a buyer is to get free services. That’s not okay. :expressionless:

I would refuse to cancel - and take a negative review to which i could provide a rebuttal first… BUT if I couldn’t afford a negative review stat wise and I would risk losing my level - I would agree to cancel, and block the buyer. :stop_sign:

My decision would be based on what would effect my level status most.


thank you for your insight!

How in your mind the “mutual cancellation” option would work? have I understood it correctly that when mutually cancelling it doesn’t affect my completion rate, but is there still chance to review the gig?


You’re welcome! Mutual cancellation STILL affects your Order Completion Rate, as far as I know if the order is cancelled, the buyer cannot leave a review.

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