About buyer Fraudulent Behaviour


Today I have talked about buyer fraudulent behaviour. I post this topics I’m victim of that. I think there many freelancers who had same experience with me. Recently it was found that many buyer tried complete their work without excepting freelancers offer. If freelancer told that I work on my site, complete the job here, if the job is ok then accept my offer and I will migrated the work to your site. Buyer disagree that point and give him his website id pass to work there. If he did not work his site he will complain about that. In that case if freelancer cancel the job or refused to that buyer complain and freelancer account suspended. If freelancer agreed with his offer and finish the job buyer site, after competing the job buyer go away without payment. if freelancer ask for payment, then buyer lodge a complain that freelancer do not perform work perfectly and demand for many. in that case loser is freelancer. So in that what the steps may prevent freelancer? Or is there any solution that provide fiverr to be benefited freelancer and punished that type of fraudulent buyer? Or Fiverr does not provide any benefit to freelancers. Can any one tells about that issue or discuss deeply on that scenario for the welfare of freelancer?

Thank You

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If you did all of this work without having an order, you didn’t have a buyer - you had somebody who wanted work done for nothing, which you gave them.

Never start work without an order. :slightly_smiling_face:


I also agreed with him.


I also agree your opinion. But problem is if the buyer complain then freelancer account will be lost. In that what the freelancer do to safe his account?


If they don’t place an order, they’re not a buyer.

How could they complain about anything if they haven’t actually paid for your services?


I think so. They are not buyers. But they are threatening the freelancers and told that if you don’t work with my user id and password, I will complain. They told that without accepting freelancer custom offer. In that case what the freelancer do?


This might sound harsh but I don’t sugarcoat!

You can’t blame anybody for your bad decision-making.

Blame yourself!

Why in the world are you working for FREE? Sellers like you are giving freeloading Buyers the ammo they need to game the system.

Fiverr is a PAY FOR SERVICE website!


Report them to Customer Service and block them from contacting you.


Thanks for reply. Is it work or any one can do.


Anyone can contact customer service. Take screenshots of the threats and attach them to your message. You block someone in messages through using the report :black_flag:


So you haven’t been threatened, and nobody’s defrauded you? :woman_facepalming:

Bit of a non-story really.

Maybe you should have started by explaining this was a hypothetical situation?

Added - oh look - you changed it so it looks like it was.


Hrm a sample story?! :thinking: Um, OK! :pineapple:

NO, You are not my Daddy!

I think you should make your post clear & concise for the users to understand. A big paragraph with a million hypothetical questions is just babbling nonsense. I tried my best to decode your message. :grimacing:

Unfortunately, none of us are :crystal_ball: psychics so we can’t foresee the future. However, what we can do is use our spidey :spider::spider_web: senses to sniff out the foolishness. Tell ya what, why not address these questions to CS and let us know what they say. Pft!


yeah you should because what done is done you can’t change anything now so work smartly for next time and thank you for sharing such thing with us i will be aware about it to so have fun what else… :slight_smile: :smile:


That’s not what you said in your post when you first posted it.

Editing what you wrote to make it look like people who just tried to help didn’t read it carefully is not ok. If that’s what you do, don’t be surprised if nobody feels motivated to help you in the future.


Thank for your nice advice. I have edited for no one misread it. That’s it. And I’m new too. If I know then I must change portion as a edit note.


It’s a true story and my earlier account has been cancel for that issue and someone else also.


Don’t be sacred if you haven’t done anything wrong. Be assertive and learn to say ‘NO’ if you don’t want to something. The potential buyer can’t complain CS for not accepting a job.

Please don’t provide anything for free (except samples of your previous work). Value yourself and your services.


Your account was deleted because you wouldn’t do free work without an order? Sorry - I find that hard to believe I’m afraid.


So… First it was a story of something that’s happening to you right now, then it was a sample story, and now it’s a true story again, just about your old account?

Like @offlinehelpers said, it’s difficult to believe that someone would get banned because they didn’t want to do the work before the order was placed. Fiverr advises sellers never to start working on a project until the order was placed.