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About buyer request budget amount

I want to know can we exceed from the budgeted amount giving in buyer request. because some time buyer make funny offer which seems to be false offered amount. So can some one guide me in this regards


When you respond to an buyer request you make an offer. You can set whatever price you want on that offer. It is then down to the buyer to decide if they want to accept that offer or not.

However, if a buyer sets a budget significantly lower than you are willing to be paid, it probably isn’t worth applying for that request.


Yes you can. Just keep in mind that it probably won’t get you work anyway, since buyers with ridiculous budgets rarely tend to answer responses with a higher budget (they have, after all, had the audacity to ask for the job at said ridiculous budget already). So you’re most likely wasting your time responding to such requests in the first place. But yes, you can.


As an example, I sent out a request for some help with Google Ads the other day. The request had a budget of 40USD. I don’t think that’s too low, personally, but some sellers responded with budgets of 500 bucks in return - (and they did so without even taking the time to actually read my request) - so they get instantly deleted. My budget is my budget. However, I’m more willing to consider a response with for example 60 or even 80 bucks as the budget set by the seller, if the response is well-written and proves to me that they have understood my request.

I always insta-delete all answers that’s too high or too low, and any response that seems to be copy-paste goes in the bin as well.


I appreciate your thoughts and agree with you. but i think fiverr has to make some criteria because every single buyer request in a new ray of hope for making more income and in such conditions and offer moral of a seller get down

The problem with buyer requests is the way the system works. It lets anyone with an account send a copy-pasted response without any consequense or risk. Personally I prefer the way Upwork uses requests instead, where you get a certain amount of “connects” for completing jobs and/or you can buy connects. That makes every request more serious, since you as the seller actually have to put your connects/money into every request. That means you would also take more time to understand the request, and write a good response to it. At the same time, the buyer gets less stupid responses.

I think the way Fiverr works with requests just causes a lot of trouble. 99% of the answers from buyers are terrible, full of mistakes, errors and copy-pasted content, while the projects posted there are often the ones that no buyer had luck with using search (since most sellers have a fixed price) so they are just trying to get the cheapest possible deal out there from the requests, answered by sellers who are often desperate for work.

It’s a slippery slope.


I’m not sure how it is for other sellers here, but in my voiceover category the budgets given are extremely low and often the expectations are extremely high - requesting unlimited revision, etc. I used the requests more in the beginning of my time on Fiverr just to start building my profile but I never felt good about working for next to nothing. I sometimes apply to requests now but I offer my budget according to my gig. I’ve had a grand total of 1 job in a year from this. the past year from this.

It’s tricky.

Oooooh, I see you went back from the jungle (buyer request) :smiley:
The jungle is 50% full of those requests, sometimes people are trolling, sometimes they do arrogant requests like: “pro only, don’t waste my time if you’re not pro” with a budget of 5€.
Welcome to the jungle.


In fact, I’ve seen a lot about the customer’s request, but I think that the amount of time most, consumers does not come here because they think that it is just for fun. This is my personal opinion.

I NEVER post offers to anyone through the Buyer Request feature.


Because all the postings I’ve seen are from Buyers who are looking for cheap deals.

Sounds like that is what you are dealing with.

Sure, go over their budget but the Buyer will go with the cheapest offer.

You are worth more than that.