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About Buyer Section Missing Information

Since a few days, I noticed at buyer request section, show active 1/2/3/4 request, but when I click to see that active button, it’s show “no request found”.

Can anyone please tell me, what happened here?
Also explain, how buyer request comes?
I am totally confusing, does that come from my gig/skills set/title/category/others?
Please explain it.


@dataentryarmy It’s a glitch from a long time. They are trying to fix this issue. Buyer request come mainly from the gig category or the type of service you are providing.


today, I removed one skill from my skills set, and checked buyer request section, saw this missing is increased. have there any possibility to increase it for removing or adding skills ?


My brother. You are always able to customize profile like changing or updating you skills and etc. But when a buyer post a request they select category and subcategory and if you have any gig form the following category you will have chance to see the request.

For no level seller it’s very hard to receive buyer request and there is limitations. But from level 1 to Top Rated seller they can see always buyer request even older and older one.

See the attachment


Thanks brother, I understand

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You are always welcome. Best of luck.

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