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About buyers asking to contact him outside fiverr

Hello guys, please I had an issues on fiverr one of my client after delivering his order he gave me a 5 star and later asked me to explain something in details more for him which I seperately made a video explanations for him and send it after that he just screenshot his phone number and sent it as a message telling me to contact him am very scared please I hope I’m safe because I don’t want fiverr to deal with me


Tell your client politely that you cannot contact him outside of Fiverr as it is against the TOS. Do not worry, do not be scared, Fiverr will not “deal with you” as long as you did not ask for your client’s contact details.

Okay thank you I’ll do that next time, but I was scared so I already reported him to fiverr CS, I hope am still safe ?

You will absolutely be safe, you did everything right. Many buyers do send their phone numbers etc and that is not a bad reflection on you at all. You did not respond to it by using the number so it’s not a problem for you. He probably wanted to commission you again and was hoping to avoid the fees himself! Some buyers are endlessly blatant!

Thank you for your response I apprentice