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About buyer's Location

Hey there, I’m Khanshaheb2012. I got a problem here.
When a buyer from a buyer request chart knocks me, the location of the buyer can be seen.
Is there any way to see the buyer’s location before sending a proposal against a buyer request? Please help me out.

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You can track the buyer… name

no result from the search. any other way?


I am sorry to say but it is just not possible. You can find the username of a buyer (by checking out the buyer request on the mobile app), but location? I don’t think so…

If you go to the buyer’s profile

You can see his/her location. Unfortunately, it’s not always accurate, for me it Shows Hong Kong, while I am in Europe…


It doesn’t matter where your buyer comes from when you’re responding to a buyer request. :slightly_smiling_face:

All you need to do is respond to what they’re asking for - where they’re from is immaterial.


I am not sure if you people understood but he was asking if he could find out the location of a buyer BEFORE they even contacted him.

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Yep, I understood that completely, which is why I gave the answer I did.

As sellers can’t see the buyer profile without a bit of jiggery pokery, so it doesn’t matter - all potential buyers should be responded to in the same way. :slightly_smiling_face:


Why would buyer’s location matter?

Are you saying that you don’t want to work with buyers from certain countries?


I was not referring to your message :slight_smile: and I agree with what you said. :+1:

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well i don’t think so it is possible to see the location of a buyer in request…and as @offlinehelpers says it doesn’t matter where the buyer come from…
i think when a buyer conracr you and wants to work with you there you can see the location and other information about buyer…


there is no way to check buyer location in buyer request section.
if buyer contact you then you will be able to check buyer location in his profile