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About buyer's request

Hi people, just two questions: I have to be the first person to offer in buyer request’s or if I am the last one I have the chance? And the second question: when the request disappears it’s because the person already hired someone or not necessarily? Thanks!


Your placement in the responses to the request doesn’t matter as the buyer is more concerned with if you can complete the task as requested.

If you’re a no level seller then the requests will disappear once an x-amount of unleveled sellers have applied. The removal of the request doesn’t mean that it was filled it just means it was removed from view.


But since it’s removed, my offer was removed too or it stay and only the request disappeared? Thanks!

If you already sent an offer in response to a particular BR, the buyer will be able to see it no matter whether you are able to see the BR or not.

Your offer remains. It doesn’t get deleted.

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Thanks! And this vanishing about BR, doesn’t mean he or she already hired anyone, right?

i sent 88 request and got two order
and i put effort in my buyer request.

only thing i want to say do not worry about it, keep on sending the keep on improving first few are going to be difficult

How can a beginner with no levels can see a buyer’s request ?

Check this link out you will find answers here.

thanks for this information.

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I can’t? I really need the BR feature, I am trying hard to share my services here, need this to be a success.

yes its true said,buyers mostly prefer leveled sellers,but keep upgrading gigs