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About Click and impression

How to improve clicks and impressions of mine gig? Want the opinion or advice of experienced people
Thank you so much.


At first I think the only thing to do is post your gigs on your social networks every day


Don’t mind about high impressions and clicks. Make your gig description convincing and you can get your first order form your first click.

If you optimize your gig keywords well, you will have high impressions even without sharing on social media. Just make sure to visit buyer request on a daily basis. You may end up landing your first order there.

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Another thing, keep your gig images really attractive. And don’t forget to mention there what make your gig image stand out from the rest somewhere on your gig image. I noticed that gigs images with text attracts more buyers than just gigs with images.

My Fiverr account is 13 days old and I’ve tried these tweaks. Believe me! They work.


Thank you so much for Essential Suggestion

Thank you so much for Essential Suggestion