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About Commercial use license


One of my client asking for commercial use license for my ark work.Before this I never provide that documents.I haven’t any.So what should I do?


You don’t have to provide any such document. Upon completion of order all the rights are automatically transferred to buyer. As stated by fiverr, “On the Fiverr platform, buyers are granted all rights for the delivered work, unless otherwise specified by the seller on their Gig page.”

Simply share this page with your buyer:


From my mistake I ticked that commercial use in sending offer fro client.So now he said he need that.I told it’s not problem you can use it your own way.But he told earlier he got those from sellers and it’s a low of his country.But I deal with another clients from same country I didn’t provide some docs.


And he also saying he will report about this.So it will be a black mark for me know?How I explain it to him.


Looks like that person is just trying to be hard or may be trying to get the work for free by giving lame excuses. Either tell him/her to contact CS. As far as I know, you do not have to give any document. Support will eventually tell him same thing. OR just download a template of licence, appropriately fill and send it to him. (I am not sure if you should do this, better discuss with CS before you do)

Share this link with him/her:


Thank you for the advice.Yes I asked from my friends too who do fiveer.They also never provide that docs.I
ll try to say him again.His order also automatically marked as completed because he came after long time.


Finally he gave me a bad feedback and gave 1star.How rude it’s.Have I something for that?


@ruartz reply him with this link


Contact support, explain everything and request feedback removal.


Can they possible to remove feedback?ok I’ll try.


There is no use of dear.He already argived with me about commercial use license.