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About computer configuration

I am going to explain about computer configuration… I would like to inform you that if you want to buy new computer like desktop laptop then you have to check configuration according to your need… If you want to buy a working computer for office use then it should be higher configuration like RAM hard disk processor high quality of SMPS fan processor higher than Core i5 more than 4 GB RAM 1 TB hard disk and also contact to technical support because every computer need tuneup of computer every month because when we use computer then a lot of junks files created automatically and save on computer so we need to remove all junks from computer every month and also scan computer and install antivirus program to protect computer from viruses.


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This is all very interesting but you forgot to mention how important it is to check your computers oil levels on a regular basis.


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Hi misscrystal thank you so much for replying…in short every computer need tune-up every month