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About copying another seller Gigs FAQ

Hi im new seller here i have a question for you guys
can i use another seller FAQ for my Gigs FAQ references?
i am copy another seller Gigs FAQ and Modify it by little
is that okay ??

or i will get banned?

It doesn’t matter if it’s another seller’s FAQ, gig description, bio or video, you shouldn’t copy but really write your own. Check out and get inspired, sure, copy, no.

Read this recent thread for an idea of how copied sellers think about this and what might happen:


Hello, you know you are self employed on fiverr. This means you are hopefully able to think for yourself and do your own work including everything about your own gigs.

Why not take this opportunity to do all your own work on your gigs instead of copying anything on someone else’s? It’s time you started recognizing that you are not only honest enough to do your own gigs and work, but also capable and smart enough.


Would you think it’s okay if you spent a lot of time writing your own FAQ, and someone just stole it, modified it a little, and used it for themselves?


great idea. :slightly_smiling_face:

Sorry, what’s a great idea? To steal from other sellers?