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About copyright issues for my project

hello this is my first time posting. recently I done a ad for my client and after weeks completing the order she told me that the video got copyright claims. I really didn’t know about it so I change the music of it that I used and replaced with no copyright music. Is It can be remove my account?

That is not for us to answer, esp seeing we really don’t know any of the details.

TOS is clear (as is all Law) that use of material that you (and your client) do not have full usage rights for is not allowed. One wonders why you might do otherwise.

BTW there is no 10% Rule, nor do most of what people claim as Fair Usage (like I didn’t make money) actually stand up.

If no one complains, probably nothing comes of this. But moving forward, if you work in anything related to the Arts, or with I.P. in general, it is on you to know the law and stick with it, even if it means saying no to a paying client who is leading both of you into a mire of :poop:.


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thank you! for the reply benedictrm, the song that I used was copyright that I really didn’t aware about it but as soon she told me about it I changed it to free music…

Basic rule is that if it doesn’t say it is totally free for all use, including Commercial Projects (both your usage and that of your client), don’t use it.

Some things are free but only with visible credits back to the source so if you don’t put them in the video, you have breached the license. If the client cuts it out that is not on you, unless you told them they could cut it out.

Think of how many adverts you see with a caption down the bottom saying Band: Song Name. This is part of the license Coke etc agree to with this act. Normally they pay ok (but less than if it was Coldplay seeing they are unknown acts) and supplement and “help” with a credit on the assumption that people may want to go find that song and play it properly.

I bet whoever led Katy Perry to court with Flame won’t be able to sit comfortably for a decade - and nor should they.