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I have a suggestion that i think it’s kind of necessary for some people. as a new seller i didn’t know how does revisions work. i thought the only way to do it is to contact the buyer in the chat part (as i saw some people in here saying that this is the only way to do a revision) and this way was taking away the delivery time as it appears that i didn’t finish the work yet (of course) and this obviously made a huge misunderstanding with busy or late responsive buyers. also when i deliver a work, some buyer think that i didn’t allow them to do the revisions. so i think a lot of people don’t realize how it a actually works. Me personally didn’t know that revisions are done if the buyer requested it after delivery until yesterday.
So i think it would be great if fiverr added a little explaination text or a simple tutorial or something on the deliver button or anything that explains how does revisions actually work just to clarify the idea for both sellers and buyers.
Thank you.


It’s mean sent your order work.


There is tutorial already -
Pretty old, interface changed since then (I guess).


There’s a tutorial that looks new to me in the Buyer Help Center:

Problem is that for whatever reason many buyers and sellers choose to not read about how everything works.
Maybe there should be some pop-ups with “Here’s all you need to know for a smooth Fiverr experience: (link to Help Center)” or something that start when you register an account and that you need to actively click away, maybe for like the first 3 times you log in.
Not that many people won’t just click them away then, but there’s really not much you can do beyond that if people just don’t want to read even the most basic things about how the platform they want to use and profit from works.


I totally agree with you.
but for me personally, i was really excited about fiverr and wanted to know everything about how it works and searched, like a lot! about everything. and searched about the revisions part and i didn’t see this video but i saw some people here in the forum saying that the only way to do it is to contact the buyer in the chat part before you deliver the final work and that’s how revisions work and i remember them saying that it’s unfortunately the only way to do it! and i also remember that i thought that what i was doing by delivering the work without contacting with the buyer in the chat part is wrong and i even apologized to the buyer for doing it as she was upset that i delivered the work. and she said (i paid for the 3 revisions package) so i thought i did something wrong and i apologized and didn’t do it again. but yesterday i searched again and asked here and after a lot of searching i found this video which is for the buyers not sellers. so i realized everything and thought it would be kinda important to explain those things in something like a tutorial in front of the user that they won’t have to search about it and feel misleaded like i did.


That’s great, I was like that too, and the forum is really an awesome resource, especially for things that aren’t to be found in any “official resources”, but all forum posts unless by Fiverr staff, are only opinions/statements by other sellers and buyers and not necessarily facts, so it’s always best to first check the official sources for anything that might be/come an issue.
From what some people post on the forum, it should be pretty clear that it’s risky to simply rely on what someone says.
Things also change and some advice that was good 5 or 1 year ago or even a day ago, whenever there is some major change, might get you banned today.

For me, it was and is common sense to read the Buyer Help Center as a seller too, as it can’t hurt to know how things look like “from the other side”, plus you’ll be able to help customers who have technical or other problems, or can point them to the article they need.
The first thing I bought myself on Fiverr wasn’t anything I needed but just to see how it works on the buyer side of things.
I can only recommend anyone to invest the $5 (or $7 now, since sellers also pay fees; when I ordered my first gig, sellers didn’t yet pay fees, in the good old times 2 years or so ago :wink: ) latest when they’ve made a bit of revenue, or even before that, it’s really good to experience the whole process from buyer POV, although you can also find many videos like the above and screenshots on the forum that give you a picture of “the other side” if you really can’t or don’t want to invest those $7 (not you personally, everyone who hasn’t ever bought a gig).

Personally, I’m an advocate of a pop-up during or after the registration process (or before you publish your first gig as a seller; before you buy your first gig as a buyer, or wherever it fits best) that requires you to actively check off “I’m aware that (#1 of what Fiverr thinks most important)” for the top 5 or so things, or even an obligatory multiple choice quiz after registration, with basic things like “no asking sellers for off-site contact data/giving buyers contact data”, “no abuse of the delivery button/manipulation of the delivery system/delivery of incomplete orders”, some things regarding copyright, etc., basically all the things from ToS and elsewhere that people later post they didn’t know about and got banned for.

You can’t fit the whole ToS into a pop-up or mutliple choice quiz, of course (well, you could, but you know what I mean :wink: ), but there are some main things which already could prevent trouble for many people and if people are clearly told “if you do any of these (5) things, you may get banned, and there are more of them here”, they might actually go and read.

On a platform I know which you can use without buying or selling anything but where you also can buy/sell digital products, they have a multiple choice quiz regarding copyright and IP which you only need to pass before you may upload your products to sell. You can pass by retaking it even if you got some answers wrong on first, second or … try. Eventually, by retaking the quiz as often as needed to pass, you should really know what to do/not do.

Preferably pop-ups for everyone, not just sellers (it’s no nice situation to have to berate your customers about them asking for your email and such)
but at least for sellers, not because “Fiverr always prefers buyers” but because typically it’s sellers who get hurt by a warning or ban, and that could prevent at least many ToS violations out of ignorance because people don’t read the ToS.

“Didn’t read the ToS” is no excuse because we accept them when opening our account but as apparently many people don’t read them at all, something more than ticking the “Yes, I accept the ToS” box might be a good idea.
There might be less account warnings and suspensions needed and those who get banned would mostly be those who purposefully violate ToS, or don’t even want to read 5 sentences, and then they probably really better wouldn’t be on the platform.

Also, there could be new pop-ups with info regarding what has changed in the ToS whenever anything substantial got changed.

Well, just my take, maybe it’s not done because they think the benefit of the “low entry barrier” is more beneficial all in all, and that anyone who doesn’t read and stays up-to-date about ToS and other policies, can blame themselves.


Yes i completely agree with you and i wanna also add that it’s better when they make the ToS in something visual like videos that pops up when registering besides/instead of words simply because not all users are English and might be a little hard for them to understand all of it by just reading.


I tend to agree that it is sufficient if sellers can communicate with their buyers well enough to be able to do their jobs and understand the ToS but the “Creating your profile policy” page has this bit about English, so they might think anyone who wants to work on this platform should be able to figure the ToS out on their own. On the other hand, lots of sellers can get by just fine without ever needing to speak English, and it talks about speaking as well, and the forum shows that there are lots of sellers whose command of the English language isn’t at a high level (and probably still works for many of them, depending on what kind of gigs they do), so, don’t know, maybe it’s more a guideline than a policy:


To work with Fiverr, your command of the English language (speaking and writing) must be at a high level. Your mother tongue does not necessarily have to be English, but we expect sellers to communicate in the platform with a proficient level of English-speaking skills.You can add up to four languages. Only add languages in which you can communicate proficiently. The success of your business depends on this.

I don’t think the main problem is that they don’t understand the ToS though but that they simply don’t read them (not even with Google Translate’s shilly-shally help or “help” :wink: ).
Some kind of short, sweet and clear “mini ToS” as pop-ups and/or multiple choice quiz, to make sure everyone gets “the essence” of it, wouldn’t hurt either way.

The language tangent is a whole different discussion than the Deliver button, though. :slight_smile: