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About editing processes

I have a doubt when editing my audios if someone can help me I appreciate the good intention.
the question is
If I don’t have the (plugin rx8 voice) from noise to cite just one example, within Audacity or another audio suite.
But I have the complete Izotope RX8.
Could you first record and edit the audio in Audacity, then export to the PC and then import to Izotope RX8 to apply the plugins you want?
Would it have the same result or would it not have the same result, recording and mastering in two different suites?
Please someone there?


Shouldn’t be an issue as long as you’re exporting out of Audacity with a lossless file such as a WAV and just be sure you’re consistent with the export settings when passing from Audacity onto RX8.

On an unrelated note, is there any particular reason you have RX8 but not a better DAW? Just curious, no need to answer.


You can also record and edit in RX8 instead of Audacity and skip on the exporting/importing audio business all together.


Oh yeah It’s the best idea. I only had a question if I had a file created in Audacity and I would like to improve it with RX8, if it lost quality?
But I agree with your criteria. Thank you thank you thank you for being there.

Hi and thanks.
Which do you consider to be a better DAW?

Have you read this thread? Your preferred DAW?

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Based on your profile picture I’m assuming you do voiceovers, I’d say Adobe Audition would be the best DAW for the job and it comes with some pretty great plugins (As well as tonnes of great tutorials on YouTube), I think you can also use the RX connect plug-in on Adobe Audition to make switching between Adobe Audition and RX8 a lot easier.

Either way I’d recommend doing some research on different DAWs and trying out trial versions before making any final purchases since all that matters is your workflow and the value you get out of it.

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The best DAW is the one you know how to use. Many people are getting great results using Audacity. Unless your getting a lot of work to justify something better, and you have the time to learn a new DAW, youre best sticking with what you have.

I use Adobe Audition, but only because I already had it, and I’ve been using it for almost 20 years when they were Cool Edit Pro!!

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