About evaluation (want to know exact time zone)


Hello i am curious to know that in which time tomorrows evaluation will happen.
is this on any GMT time or EST Time or UTC time?
please answer if you know the original time for evaluation.
thanks in advance


I don’t know exactly but i think at 00:00 GMT.


It’s actually closer to +4 GMT judging by when they calculate pending funds clearance.


did you get any clue about this from somewhere?


have no idea. also curious about this


excited to know what will happen tomorrow.i am ready to face evaluation.but still getting tensed and my hand and leg is getting cold for taking tension


Don’t let it affect your health!


i do not want to be also.but if you love something from heart that time automatically feel tense for this things


same here! hope this will be good for new comers! (like me :wink:)


It will be really good for every sellers. every sellers will have to be seat in front of PC each and every time.health will go down for sure but may be earning will be go like rocket


you have to be online 24/7 for maintaining your badge level as its required.


Where did you get that from?


if you do not reply new buyers message timely than your response time will demoted.
right?that means you have to online and stay aware for that.so why i said this.


My response time and rate are fine and I´m not online 24/7. I always log out for the night, apart from a couple of times when I just forget it.
Replying to messages in the morning or over the day works well enough for me.


i think so after 10 hours from now


but i faced that problem before.that was happen with me so why i said this.


Well, I´m sorry that you had problems with your response rate or time, but it´s just not true that you have to be online 24/7 to maintain your badge.


Thanks for your information.just relief


ooh yeah really thank you so much. i was making confusion between rate and time.that is why i was saying that.you are right. i was wrong.now perfectly cleared.


According to the evaluation criteria, as long as your response rate does not get below 90%, you should be fine. And mine was 100% for a long time even though I´m not anywhere near 24/7 online, and the few times my rate dropped, it was due to some bugs with spam messages, but didn´t have anything to do with not replying to messages in the middle of the night, so don´t be afraid to sleep, good sleep is important for your health and work too. :slight_smile:
You just need to reply to everything within 24 hours, but not stay online 24 hours.