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About "extra" extras

Hello everybody!

I’ve got this question:

I’ve seen more sellers adding “extras” in their descriptions that buyers can buy by adding to the gig quantity. And -either those sellers are not allowed yet to have any extras because their beginners here or

-those extras in the description are some “extra” extras. Follow me? :slight_smile:

Anyway, is that accepted by Fiverr rules? It doesn’t really seem right to me but I want to know your opinion too.

Reply to @kjblynx: You’re right.No,I’m afraid I didn’t make myself clear.

What I meant was when the seller is offering something else(like any extra) added to the same basic gig which is not another object(if it’s an illustration), word, logo, etc. Like an extra that you can’t add directly through Fiverr Extras because you have them already loaded or because you’re not Level 1 yet.

And again, I’m not judging no one here, I just want to understand how things work, what’s wrong and what’s right:)

Sellers have to offer something for $5. As long as they do, adding something more to the service for an additional gig price is perfectly fine.

The only thing that would be against Fiverr rules would be if they offered nothing for $5 and demanded you purchase several gigs even for the basic service.

Oh, ok, I see your point. Thank you so much for clearing that out for me. I thought about it myself but was afraid that would violate Fiverr rules.

Guess I’m gonna use it:)

Thank you again!