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About extra tip


can a buyer give you more tip after completing order.


I think they can only tip you once after completing the order, and only if they’ve rated you with a high rating (5 stars?). Fiverr should change it so that people can leave tips without rating. Though if you have space for a new gig in your level you could create a “tip” gig so people could tip you at any time.


that depends on the end of the order, if they happy with the final result, you can politely ask them if could give you a tip


Please don’t do that - it’s very rude to ask for a tip. :frowning:


Yes, a buyer can give you a TIP after successful completion of the order. The FUN thing is that Fiverr will take 20% of that as a commission/fees and the rest of the TIP is what you will be receiving. :yum:


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ok thank you.I got it.Actually my buyer wanted to give tips after completing the order .Although she has completed the order but she asked me for more and I did thats why she wanted to tip more,so you think is there any way? @uk1000


Not really if the order is already complete and if you don’t have any free gigs under your level to create a “tip” gig.

If it’s okay with Fiverr (you could check with CS to be sure), you could create a custom offer in the gig related to the work done for the amount the buyer wants to tip, with the offer text “I will gratefully accept your tip” or something (I don’t know if it should mention that it is related to the extra work done - maybe), and then you could deliver a thank you text doc, if this was okayed beforehand (before creating the offer) with the buyer.


They can tip you once, I believe any time. But since tips are charged the same as orders, he can submit a new order as well and you just complete it.


According to me Yes. any time …provided you deliver beyond expectation or something similar to that. Or may be you demanded less but worked more and buyer has realized that.


Yes, buyer can. Fiverr takes same fee for each Tip.


Here’s what the Fiverr help says (it doesn’t mention the charge taken by Fiverr for tips so may not be totally up to date):

Once an order is marked as complete and a positive review is left of three stars and above, you will have the option to leave a tip for the seller. The tip option will stay open for seven days after the order is complete.


@uk1000 so can the client tip me more then as the client wants to give ?\


If they’ve already tipped you once for that order, I don’t think so. I think you’d need to do what I suggested earlier (eg. creating a custom offer for the tip if you can’t create a new gig for tips).

If they haven’t already left a tip for the order, and it’s been complete for no more than 7 days they can do it like the help says.


@uk1000 thank you :slight_smile: