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About Featured Gigs - How They Get Featured is Changing

Per Fiverr -

"**I’d like to take a moment to share some updates coming soon to Featured status on Fiverr.

Traditionally, once a Gig was Featured, it generally held that status permanently as long as the seller was active and in good-standing on Fiverr. This, as any of you know, made it very difficult for many sellers to gain the “Featured” tag on their Gig and also sometimes caused flooding of Featured Gigs in certain categories, thus limiting the benefits.

In the near future, the Featured status will be a temporary Editorial push. The duration may very, but it will be limited.

Those of you who have had a Featured Gig for many years may find that your Gig will be no longer Featured. I totally understand that this may be disappointing but I hope that you find this will be a great change for the community as a whole, giving new sellers (and maybe even some of your other Gigs!) and chance to gain more exposure.**"


Thank you Charles for posting this - it is very useful! :slight_smile:

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Thought it would be.


Well my huge wish is that one of my gig become featured. But don’t know how and when.

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As with every Fiverr update, it still leaves more questions than it gives answers. Like, when will this change take place? How long will a gig be featured now? What’s the criteria? How many featured gigs per category? etc.

Thank you for sharing! :smile:


Its a kind of puzzle which never will get solve lolx :slight_smile:


I see how it can raise questions. It is a nice and welcome change, however.


Definitely, it’ll be nice to see some new gigs with the tag :slight_smile:

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i’ve been active for past 10 days but i dont recieved any order even i have ranked my gig on the first page for certai n keywords

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Wrong thread for that.

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I want my gig to get featured. I have been following this guide The Tips to Getting Featured on Fiverr Anyone there works on it?

That blog post is also older than the new Fiverr updates. I believe Fiverr has been moving toward automating most of their listings. Come to think of it, I haven’t seen the “Featured” badge in use much lately. :thinking:

I currently have one gig that is featured (my short story gig). I don’t really know what exactly sets that one apart from my others, although the badge certainly has helped increase orders on that gig by quite a bit.


Yes, need to think. But I am quite sure your gigs are popular in Fiverr search engine. I want to get order on a regular basis. How can I boost the conversion?

I have answered this question, and questions like it many times on the forum. I encourage you to read the forum topics and see what I wrote within those other answers. :wink:

Thank you for the suggestion. I will keep reading forum topics. But I don’t know you notice it or not. On StackExchange there we can mark any reply/answer as accepted of our asking question. It should be on Fiverr forum also to understand which tactics work and which are not.

This is not a forum where a little piece of code is either correct or incorrect.

Nothing here works or doesn’t work globally.

Noone here has any insight on how Fiverr’s algorithm works or how to boost our gigs.

My first course of action if I had a gig that underperformed? Revisit the gig itself.

Fiverr treats new gigs really well and “boosts” them if they are good offerings.

So job #1 should be: is my offering any good?


The thread is from last June btw.