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About file sharing

Can i use teamviewer to file sharing

Yes, you can but it’s best to use the Fiverr attach button.

My clients wants my id & pass to sharing her file

You are old seller i checked your profile.

and you are asking us, that should you give your id and password to the client so she can share files.?

are you joking for some reason and choose the forum ??

Why you want to give your id and password??

I am old,but i dont know exactly about this,thats why i am asking,i am not a joker

it is joke atleast for me.

you should never give your id and password to any one.

id & password for team viewe, lol :joy::joy::joy:

Not my sccount id

First understand the topic, then comment here

what make you think i dont understand the topic.
you said you should you give your id and password to some one and i said no.

your too serious for me, i will leave the topic not interested in arguing with people on the internet.

Please don’t do this.

Can the file your buyer wants to show you not be shared via messaging, or something else which doesn’t involve giving your username and password? I’m pretty sure that’s not how teamviewer’s supposed to work by the way.


I am said him about my team viewr id, not about my id,you need to read it carefully

I know about TeamViewer

I guess it’ll be a bad idea to share you Team viewer’s I’d pass as it will leave you vulnerable to file sharing without your consent and it might be anything, like a Trojan, keylogger or a backdoor.

Moral: Don’t share your I’d pass :smile_cat:

Thanks, i am just asking, not share anything with her